About Naranjan Naidoo

Posted by naranjannaidoo on July 25, 2010

Naranjan Naidoo was born in 1959 in South Africa. His family has a long and distinguished line of business people, and Naidoo ultimately took up the reigns of the family business with gusto and passion. Today, as CEO and chairman of Gulf Pacific, he is one of the movers and shakers of the Middle East and Africa, causing important transactions to conclude successfully and acting as the glue in deals between members of large corporations, high ranking government representatives and even Middle Eastern Royal Family members.

The Road to Success

Naidoo’s family moved to the United Kingdom when political events in South Africa took a downturn. There, Naidoo’s father built up the business until ill-health forced young Naranjan R. Naidoo to take over, eschewing the opportunity to attend university. Although young, he had the ability to succeed hardwired into his DNA and became a successful entrepreneur.

Naranjan Naidoo built the business up and out, moving into various industries including finance, trade and shipping. Using his family’s connections in South Africa from the time they lived there, he began to build trade between the country and various entities in the Middle East, as well as with Europe and the United States. After building relationships with leaders in the Arab world who were looking to foster business ties with South Africa, the idea to create a base in Dubai, UAE, materialized. Today, Naidoo’s company, Gulf Pacific, is known throughout the world and continues to grow in both size and esteem.

Philanthropic Work

Besides being an enormously successful businessman and devoted husband and father, Naranjan R. Naidoo is also a concerned citizen who dedicates time to serving the surrounding community. As a member of the UN Global Compact, he works towards a state of affairs in which big business acts with social responsibility, for the benefit of all members of society.

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